Streamline Your Hiring Process

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Your company’s hiring process is a lot more important than you might think.

A well-organized, streamlined hiring process ensures that you’re bringing in high quality candidates and reduces unnecessary hiring costs. It also saves time for your team and conserves valuable resources.

In other words, it’s really worth your while to examine your organization’s hiring process and make it as efficient as possible.

Here are a few key areas to consider when evaluating your hiring process.

Identify your problem areas

The first step in streamlining your hiring process is to determine where your company’s weak points are. Get in touch with your human resources department and get their input. What are their main struggles when it comes to hiring? Do they need more time to evaluate applications? Or perhaps it’s the company onboarding program that’s in need of some revision. Identifying your problem areas will help you move forward and fully address the areas that need work.

Set improvement goals

The most common mistake that companies make when it comes to hiring is focusing on filling positions quickly rather than on hiring quality candidates. Set goals for the company and build them into your revised hiring process. Vow to hire the best candidates, not just the first ones that are available. Having this as a fixed goal will really help to structure your entire process.

Spend time on planning

Once you have a goal in mind, it’s time to begin investing in the planning process. Make sure that you have clear processes in place for all aspects of hiring, such as: pre-employment screening, phone interviews, assessment testing, in-person interviews etc. You also might want to consider writing checklists for each step of the process to help out your HR team as they move through the various stages.

Write stronger descriptions

Fact: great job descriptions attract great employees. Don’t forget to give some thought to your current and future job descriptions as you revise your hiring process. The job posting is often the first thing a prospective candidate reads about your organization. An overly generic description is unlikely to attract a super talented candidate. Make an extra effort to differentiate your company in your job descriptions and watch as better and better candidates start submitting applications.

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