Are You Taking Summer Safety Precautions in the Workplace?

Are You Taking Summer Safety Precautions in the Workplace?

Have you thought much about the safety differences from winter to summer in your facility? Having the right safety precautions in place during the summer months can save your company time, money, and motivate your employees to be more productive.

5 Safety Precautions to Consider this Summer.

  • Keep workers cool. Even if your facility isn’t climate controlled it is important for you to find a way to ensure that your workers don’t overheat. Overheating can cause several health problems that can lead to bigger issues and, in the worst case, even death. Provide fans or other devices that can help you team stay cool. This is especially true for work performed outdoors.
  • Awareness of health risks. Not only is it important for management to understand the health risks inherent in working in a hot environment but employees should also be trained to recognize the signs. Heat stress in the early stages can cause irritability, loss of concentration, the inability to perform common mental tasks, and loss of ability to perform physical or heavy work.
  • Established breaks. Never push your team to work to the point of exhaustion in the heat. Establish breaks that are required by your team. Don’t allow employees to work through their breaks to keep them from stressing their bodies.
  • Hydration. Always provide water for your employees throughout the day. Dehydration can also cause a number of heat related issues. Encourage your team to drink water not only on their breaks but throughout their work day.
  • First aid. Finally, several trusted members of the staff need to be trained to perform first aid if anyone experiences the signs of heat stress or if someone were to pass out due to the heat. Providing first aid before the arrival of EMTs on the scene can make a big difference in the outcome for the affected employees.

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