Want to Be More Productive? Reorganize Your Workplace

Want to Be More Productive? Reorganize Your Workplace

Your work space is as important to your overall productivity as your attitude, values, and experience. Have you been feeling like you’re in a productivity slump since winter started? It might be time for some workplace spring cleaning. Reorganizing your workplace may be the best thing you do this spring to amp up your dedication and productivity. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Consider natural lighting.

The lighting in your office can actually make all the difference. The harsh light of florescent bulbs that are still common in most work places can actually be distracting. While some offices don’t have the space for everyone to get a window seat, do what you can to maximize natural lighting in the office.

Make seating more comfortable.

There have been a myriad of reports over the last few years that tell us how sitting is actually slowing killing us. There is plenty of truth in these studies so it is important to make sure you have the right seating. Use a proper office chair that is ergonomically designed for your body. You may also want the option for a standing desk.

Enhance the air quality.

Over the winter we are keenly aware of the air quality in our offices. Germs and viruses spread like the plague, no pun intended. This is because the office is closed up and no fresh air can get in. There is an equal problem in the summer when we close up our office spaces and blast the air conditioning. Do whatever you can to maximize fresh air in the office.

Pay attention to organization.

Of course, it is essential that your workplace be organized. None of these other improvements will matter much at all if you can’t find the file you’re working on or if you need to spend 20 minutes searching for a pencil. Create an organizational system that is easy to maintain and leave the last few minutes of your work day to reorganize your desk before you leave.

Do you want to enhance your productivity?

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